The Startup Observer keenly observes the ecosystem to choose and list one company or person to feature in this space every month. The company or person must fit into one of the three buckets – startups, technology or millennials, and should have created a major impact in the industry. And, we chose Infosys as the disruptor of the month for August for obvious reasons.

Infosys has managed to capture all the headlines in August for the sudden resignation of its celebrated CEO Vishal Sikka on August 18. We believe Sikka’s exit has “disrupted” Infosys from the digital transformational journey it was going through. Though disruption is normally used in a positive sense in the startup and technology world, this is a negative disruption. Sikka brought in several new strategies in the organisation to drive value through automation. His sudden exit will surely leave lots of rough patches in the company that will take some time to smoothen.

In a rather unexpected turn of events, co-founder Nandan Nilekani has joined as the non-executive Chairman of the Infosys board after being unanimously appointed for the position. Nilekani’s appointment, though may seem inevitable now, was never expected under normal circumstances. Nilekani has earlier served as Infosys’s CEO from 2002 to 2007 and seems to be the best fit under the given conditions but his success will largely depend upon how quickly he is able to find a new CEO who can continue Infosys’ digital transformation journey that Sikka had started. A smooth transition is the most critical element now.