LinkedIn innovates with new features, partners with IL&FS Skills     

Ryan Roslansky, VP Product, LinkedIn; Dan Roth, Executive Editor, LinkedIn; and Akshay Kothari, Country Manager & Head of Product, LinkedIn India (L-R) addressing the media in Bengaluru including The Startup Observer

From a humble network of technology professionals in the Silicon Valley, LinkedIn has grown to become the world’s largest professional network on the internet. It adds three members every second. That defines it all. It boasts of 10 million job listings at any given point of time with an average of 550,000 job listings in India alone. It has emerged as one of the most preferred destinations for both job seekers and employers. “India is our second largest and fastest growing market,” says Akshay Kothari, Country Manager and head of Products, LinkedIn India.

LinkedIn continues to create economic opportunity for every member of the global workforce through the power of technology, innovation, and networking. Taking this to the next level, on September 27, LinkedIn introduced three new features in the Indian market – Career Advice, LinkedIn Video, and Daily Rundown. The Startup Observer explains each of these features below:

Career Advice: This new service helps professionals seek career advice from potential mentors, whom they can connect with on the platform. Members can access Career Advice Hub from the dashboard section of their profile and choose what advice they need. LinkedIn will in turn recommend other members who have the interest and experiences to help (e.g. on the job advice, ideas for their next role). Once the match is made, members can message each other and chat and get or give career advice. Currently in pilot testing mode, Career Advice is in already available in San Francisco and Australia while just being launched in Bengaluru.

LinkedIn Video: LinkedIn Videos allows members to share their experience and perspectives in a new format. Available across mobile and desktop versions, members can natively upload videos and share their ideas, learn from others and jump start new conversations. After they post the video, they can get audience insights such as the top companies, titles and locations of viewers who have viewed the video.

Daily Rundown: This new feature brings you the day’s trending professional news, curated by LinkedIn’s India editorial team. The Daily Rundown notification ensures members never miss the day’s top headlines and stories being shared and talked about in their network. All the news generated here is designed to start conversations and become a two-way channel for people to engage.

Earlier this week, LinkedIn partnered with IL&FS Skills Development Corporation Ltd (IL&FS Skills) to help upskill and improve the employability of blue-collar workers and job-seekers in India. The vocational training program aims to bridge the widening education-to-employment gap by providing a vocational skilling ecosystem for workers or job-seekers.  This ecosystem, which includes the LinkedIn platform, will also help bring the largely offline population of blue-collar workers online, enabling them to access training courses and discover opportunities anytime, anywhere.

“India has a massive blue-collar workforce, one that can be a game-changer for businesses and our economy. We hope that this partnership will help narrow the gap between the demand and supply of talent, so that job-seekers can train for and find the right jobs, and businesses get the right talent to be even more successful,” says Kothari.

The program, launched as a pilot project, will begin on September 2017 at the IL&FS Skills Development Centre across India, with an initial batch of 400 job seekers looking for careers in hospitality. The plan is to expand beyond the pilot to include workers and job-seekers in other industries. The learning from this pilot project will be used to scale and expand the program to other disciplines, to support the Indian government’s target to train over 400 million people in India in different skills by 2022.

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