Sankhya plans for aggressive growth to realise its full potential

L to R: Partha S Pudhota, Anil Valluri, Ravindran Govindan, Sridhar Krishna & Bhaskar Pramanik

Sankhya InfoTech Ltd is the perfect case of a company that has been downplayed – by itself and the media. Founded in 1997 in Hyderabad and listed on the BSE in 2000, Sankhya’s annual turnover was Rs 161.60 crores in the last fiscal while its newly-appointed board members feel it has the potential to grow 10-15 times its current revenues.

Sankhya seems to have just realised this and it’s starting to accelerate its growth and capitalise on the global market opportunities. As part of the aggressive growth initiatives, Sankhya will look to rapidly expand operations in markets in Americas and South-East Asia besides further strengthening its presence in Europe and MENA region. Currently, the company gets a lion’s share of its revenue from Europe and Middle East which contributes 60% and 38% respectively to its topline.

Sankhya, India’s largest simulation & cloud-based training management solutions provider for Aerospace & Defence, has appointed Bhaskar Pramanik (former Chairman of Microsoft India), Anil Valluri (President of NetApp India & SAARC), Ravindran Govindan (Chairman of Mercatus Capital), and Partha S. Pudhota (former VP of Affinitive Inc) to join the board of directors and steer the company to realise its full potential.

As part of its growth strategy, Sankhya is launching an analytics and artificial intelligence (AI)-based solution that predicts specific training needs, customised for an individual over an immersive experience. This is seen as a significant leap in training technology, opening major vistas for further expansion in aerospace, defence, medical, and energy sectors. A Citi GPS Research estimates the total market for training management systems (including infrastructure like AR/VR headsets, content, and services) at $80 billion by 2020 that could grow to $569 billion by 2025.

“A big differentiator is our ability bring analytics and artificial intelligence to predict and deliver focused training to specific missions…we are intent on shaping the future of training technology with our innovations in immersive training systems, analytics and artificial intelligence and accelerate global presence,” said Sridhar Krishna, Chairman & MD, Sankhya Infotech.

To its credit, the company was the world’s first in launching internet-based training to aviation pilots and is now the first and only company to offer evidence-based training with immersive experiential training tools. Some of Sankhya’s customers include Airbus, Boeing, Embraer, Etihad and Safran Aircraft Engines (previously Snecma). Etihad Airways launched Sankhya’s training management system over three years ago and became the world’s first airline to have implemented a fully automated evidence-based training standard. Etihad reportedly reduced around 12,000-person days in training per annum, while significantly improving training standards resulting in over 500% ROI in 2 years.

Sankhya believes its growth will be fuelled by the high demand for commercial aircrafts which is set to double over the next decade from the current 20,000 aircrafts to over 46,000 aircrafts. Much of this growth will happen in Asia and US where fleet renewals will spur demand. Besides, defence modernisation and expansion of platforms is predicted to be concentrated in Asia and Americas due to increased threats in these regions.

“Modern training technology that Sankhya has developed is in demand from Asian markets already. In order meet these demands with local presence, Sankhya has established an international subsidiary in Singapore.  The company has plans to significantly expand in the US to cater to North and South American markets,” the company said in a statement.

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