Tired and beat down – Where’s our spirit?

Have our lives become transactional?

Dawn beckons and you wake up. Already tired and depressed, you ignore all calls and messages but what’s essential for your work.

It appears that our pursuit of success, completion, and affluence has dulled our ability to discern the value of experience from benefits. We’re all just so riled up on achieving our goals, securing customers, and paying the bills that we sometimes forget our values and happiness. We forget the little things that made us happy, the kind gestures that we thought would help win and succeed.

Might this be the reason behind our stresses and depression?

What Happened?

We are no longer genuine to other people. Long gone is the spirit of helping people with our best efforts. When asked, we worry more about what we might gain or lose. Consider this: You’re leading a successful new start-up. Your business is growing and you feel at your prime. A struggling friend asks for your help, one which might take many valuable work hours. You have nothing to gain but a lot to lose. What do you do?

Would you spend those hours genuinely? Would you make an excuse? Or would you just skim over helping? Most would choose the latter two. After all, your time is yours to spend. Your world, your choices. No one shall judge you wrong for that.

Close the curtains, roll the credits, but wait… May I be the one to dissent here?

Some may agree, some may not, but recently we’re all just so focused on calculating what we stand to achieve from a certain event or meeting that we forget to account for man’s most valuable assets – genuineness and experience.

This attitude contradicts the finer values of entrepreneurship. The pursuit of innovation, competition, and learning is what discerns us from the conventional business machine. A true entrepreneur is fuelled with these values and not some Pirate-like thirst for treasure. There is a good reason behind it too.

What We Can Do

Being genuine – giving the best of what we can to others, is fundamental to a successful entrepreneur. It allows us to present our character to others. We create good opinions in others and these opinions go a long way to creating a reputable image. Diverting some time from the essential to the non-essential might seem all too risky and weird, but when asked to help and advice, one should never back away. Help colleagues and novices in need, spend quality time with friends, and spend the best of what you have on others. After all, you’d feel delighted on the receiving end as well.

A good entrepreneur never expects a return or favour. By helping others, you only help yourself become a better person. Give a lecture worth your experience to a friend, invest in a new start-up, or support an aspiring artist. These gestures will give you no return, except other’s appreciation and liking. This is important as you can only succeed in a business environment if you have a likable personality and reputation – nothing else matters in business, and yet all your business matter on these two traits.

Being genuine can help you earn these traits. Deep down the road, the benefits of giving your best will come back to you.

Not enough? Let’s move to our second argument.

Focus on the Little Things

When the wheels of our business go in motion and that scrumptious sensation of success draws closer, it’s quite easy to get lost in the moment, and soon after, that moment turns into a timeless abyss. We start to value business goals and ambitions more than our personality. Business turns into a vicious cycle and we into vicious robots along with it. We divert all our energy on deals, meetings, events, seminars and much more.

Striding this crooked path, we tend to forget ourselves. We overlook the little things that matter; like that doctor’s appointments, family dinners, reunions, or even the dinner night with a significant other. We forget our entrepreneurial spirit of learning and improving. The longer we do, the deeper we’re pulled. Why? Because we keep deceiving and postponing ourselves.

Consider just for a moment then, are we being genuine with who we truly are? No.

Is this a suggestion to turn into a yes-man? Certainly not.

The action suggested here is to try and recover that genuine soul trapped deep behind our unpausing pursuit of progression. The same one that propelled us from our dreamscape to innovation, work and success. For all we know, it might help us rekindle our waning creativity, or to find self-actualization that we now so ardently desire.

We need to welcome genuineness back into our lives! 

(The article is authored by our contributing writer, Devika Majumder, who is a passionate social entrepreneur with a strong intellect and deep technical background with a proven talent for identifying core business needs, developing sustainable operating infrastructures, and delivering measurable results. She is currently the founder & CEO of Youngpreneurs, a startup that envisions to create the next-generation of global thinkers and entrepreneurs equipped to tackle 21st century challenges.)