Zinnov pegs domain name industry in India at 4.9 million

The domain name industry in India has grown at a CAGR of 11.9 per cent during June 2013-June 2016 as compared to 8.7 per cent globally, taking the total industry count to 4.9 million in India versus 335 million globally as of June this year, stated a recent Zinnov report titled “State of the Domain Name Industry in India”.

The report explained that a domain name identifies an IP address, while accessing a URL on the internet. Accordingly, domain names are key to doing any activity on the internet including search, navigation and transaction etc. The released Zinnov report is aimed at tracking the domain name industry in India around the growth of the internet and intends to present its key trends on an ongoing basis.

The report stated that 40 per cent of the total registered domain names in India are used for creating a website; while 10-12 per cent of them are used for professional emails. A share of 3-4 per cent of the domains are utilised for creating mobile-enabled websites.

The study further noted that .com remains a clear market leader in Indian industry with over 55 per cent share of the bought domains and 53 per cent share of the websites. Additionally, as per the SMB survey conducted for the released Zinnov study, over 79 per cent of the SMBs showed preference for .com over others.

Speaking about the report, Pari Natarajan, CEO & co-founder, Zinnov, said, “The rapidly growing internet user base as well as the ever increasing number of technology enabled SMBs has helped India witness significant growth in domain name adoption over the last few years…”

In terms of geographical spread, the study further revealed that the Indian states with high penetration of internet users indicate a higher domain name adoption. Maharashtra, Delhi/ NCR, and Karnataka emerged as top 3 states with over 38 per cent of the registered domain name business in India.